January 2018 Uploads: Traxx + Hi-Vis + ADAB + Antenes + Potions + Golden Donna + Alvarez / Billington / Rowe + Sea Tone + FIRE-TOOLZ + Spa Moans + Coupler + Michael Albert

Hot on the Heels~

Traxx. Danny’s, Chicago. 1/2/2018

Neon Falls~


Hi-Vis. [DJ Set] Neon Falls~ Have Known, Chicago. 2018/1/5

ADAB. [DJ Set]. Have Known, Chicago. 1/5/2018

Antenes. [DJ Set]. Have Known, Chicago. 1/5/2018 (private video)

100% Silk. New Incognito Window~


Potions. Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago. 1/13/2018

Golden Donna. Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago. 1/13/2018

Mirrored Series~


Nick Alvarez, Ben Billington, Skyler Rowe. The Empty Bottle, Chicago. 1/20/2018

@ Archer Ballroom 


Sea Tone on tour from Columbus, Ohio. Archer Ballroom, Chicago. 1/27/2018

FIRE-TOOLZ. Archer Ballroom, Chicago. 1/27/2018

Spa Moans. Archer Ballroom, Chicago, 1/27/2018



Coupler. The Owl, Chicago. 1/28/2018

Michael Albert. The Owl, Chicago. 1/28/2018

Week of 11/13/2017: Mukqs + Gel Set + FIRE-TOOLZ + RXM Reality

A few months ago, I could hardly believe I was reading a message from Laura Callier (Gel Set, Simulation, Athleisure) asking A+E to open the night for her Body Copy record release show at The Empty Bottle on 11/16/2017. Lulu is an absolute babe and total inspiration for me musically. Found out a couple nights prior to the show, I’d be playing solo. It felt great, but the recording leaves me wanting (I’ll send it to you tho if you’re my best friend and you really want to see it)… Mukqs, Gel Set and FIRE-TOOLZ (Interbeing record release show) sounded amazing.

Saturday 11/18/2017 I had to witness RXM Reality go live with some new sounds at Jessie Oleson’s Art Show debut in Chicago at Peanut Gallery.

Moth Cock, VENOMENEMA, Wiggle Room and TCB also played on 11/18/2017 at Heavy Petting and I heard rumors floating of audio recording happening at that show.