Communal Sound Space AND Copyrights

Let me begin by thanking all artists who have reached out to me directly when they would like a video of their performance to be Unlisted (viewable through shared link) or Private (not searchable, shareable, or viewable by anyone).

I received an email notice over a month ago notifying me that a video I recorded of Schwefelgelb @ Laura from 10/6/2017 had been taken down due to a manually reported copyright claim violation via Schwefelgelb GbR.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.52.46 PM

I had to complete this YouTube Copyright School video and quiz in order to continue uploading vids. At that point, had I received 2 more “strikes” in the within 90 days of the first, my YouTube account could have been disabled. Ahhhhh! Usually, whoever holds the copyright for content I post on temporaryCorrespondence monetizes the video and leaves my channel unaffected.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.02.57 PM

In waves during the few weeks that followed, I experienced several complex emotions:

  1. Fear that our archive was under threat.
  2. Powerlessness because I don’t have the resources to keep backups of original files. The video seemed lost.
  3. Acceptance, “oh well… I’ve only lost one video of 800+”
  4. Vengeful 45 days later at midnight *starts writing a blog post about how this fucked up YouTube report and strike system adversely effects my work while allowing anti-feminist, alt-right racist creators to carry on*
  5. Empowered to email after beginning to blog here while mad

I emailed the listed contact for the copyright holder informing them of the mission of this archive project:

“[As] the solo organizer of an online-only local music archive called Communal Sound Space, which links to content that exists only on my YouTube channel temporaryCorresponence… I’m asking if you would kindly please retract the reported claim. I do not have the capacity to retain backups of all the videos in the archive, so I would only be able to recover a copy of the video file if you retract the claim. If you retract the claim, I can retrieve the video file and give it to you for free to use… I document artist performances not to profit monetarily, but rather to preserve moments in music history.”

In the morning, I woke up to the following email:

“Hey Erica,

thanks for your message. Will do so. We don’t need the video, please just don’t show it on your channel.


End result: Schwefelgelb @ Laura is no longer viewable on this archive, but I was able to recover the video file; and the strike was removed from my YouTube channel.

I’m completely satisfied with the result of my communication with the content copyright holders. Please communicate with me directly via the Contact page if you have any concerns about the visibility of live music performance content on the temporaryCorrespondence channel. I aim to honor every included performer’s preferences.

On that positive note,
the end

“Thank you” feat. Mike Sugarman (host, Groove Café)

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