vd parties if you dc that it’s a worknight

there are options for the weird and adventurous in Chicago on saint valentine’s d. See Groove Cafe Calendar for consistent updates on where to be if you’re a weirdo like me.


Haunted House at No Nation Art Lab. ^ WARNING: NO TRIGGER WARNINGS, THIS IS NOT A “SAFE SPACE”, YOU MAY BE TOUCHED, BOUND, BLIND FOLDED OR HANDLED. YOU WILL GET SOME DIRT ON YOU. YOU MUST SIGN A WAIVER, THERE IS A SAFE WORD. PLEASE WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING AND SHOES. YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO YOU TO PARTICIPATE. La Casa de Satanas is a highly interactive, performance art based haunted house. Performances are topical, current, visually and aurally stunning, and provocative.


Phuong-Dan / Itsi / Higgy / Beau Wanzer (DJ set) at The Empty Bottle. ^ might go to this 1.


ROSEBUD;!;!;(13);!;!;! at Berlin curated by Ariel Zetina ^
Boy Pussy (Wet Trax, Toronto), Kona FM (Chicago),  Miss Twink USADel Hale (Rumors, Chicago), Ariel Zetina (Smartbar, Discwoman, Chicago)


Research & Development at smartbar. Sassmouth, Just Jace, Kobe Dupree (live), RĀQ E.G.
wish I could see RAQ, but I’m working too early!

g nite, lovers. please lmk what i’m forgetting.

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