January 2018 Uploads: Traxx + Hi-Vis + ADAB + Antenes + Potions + Golden Donna + Alvarez / Billington / Rowe + Sea Tone + FIRE-TOOLZ + Spa Moans + Coupler + Michael Albert

Hot on the Heels~

Traxx. Danny’s, Chicago. 1/2/2018

Neon Falls~


Hi-Vis. [DJ Set] Neon Falls~ Have Known, Chicago. 2018/1/5

ADAB. [DJ Set]. Have Known, Chicago. 1/5/2018

Antenes. [DJ Set]. Have Known, Chicago. 1/5/2018 (private video)

100% Silk. New Incognito Window~


Potions. Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago. 1/13/2018

Golden Donna. Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago. 1/13/2018

Mirrored Series~


Nick Alvarez, Ben Billington, Skyler Rowe. The Empty Bottle, Chicago. 1/20/2018

@ Archer Ballroom 


Sea Tone on tour from Columbus, Ohio. Archer Ballroom, Chicago. 1/27/2018

FIRE-TOOLZ. Archer Ballroom, Chicago. 1/27/2018

Spa Moans. Archer Ballroom, Chicago, 1/27/2018



Coupler. The Owl, Chicago. 1/28/2018

Michael Albert. The Owl, Chicago. 1/28/2018

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