February 2018 Uploads: Wiggle Room + RXM Reality + Grün Wasser + Ariel Zetina + Morah + DJ Speedsick + Tim Nordberg + Jordan Zawideh + Whitney Johnson + Mike Broers + ClownMan + M. Custer + Machine Listener + Lia Kohl / Whitney Johnson + Carol Genetti / Lia Kohl / Peter Maunu + Julian Kirshner / Matt Murphy / Joe Suihkonen + Moth Cock + ADT + Jeremiah Meece + J. S. Alvarez + Cultergeist / M. Levi + Presage Dinner Sound Collages hosted by Natalie Chami and Whitney Johnson

Wiggle Room + RXM Reality + Grün Wasser + Ariel Zetina
Organized by Mike Meegan. Flyer by Sam White.

Wiggle Room. Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/2/2018

RXM Reality. Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/2/2018

Grün Wasser. Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/2/2018

Ariel Zetina. Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/2/2018

Morah + DJ Speedsick + Beau Wanzer + Lituus

Morah. [Athens, Greece]. Z-1, Chicago. 2/2/2018

DJ Speedsick. [Madison, WI]. Z-1, Chicago. 2/2/2018

8th Annual Chili Synthesizer Cook-Off~
Organized by Brett Naucke and Beau Wanzer

Tim Nordberg + Jordan Zawideh + Whitney Johnson + Mike Broers

Tim Nordberg. The Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/11/2018

Jordan Zawideh. The Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/11/2018

Whitney Johnson. The Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/11/2018

Mike Broers. The Empty Bottle, Chicago. 2/11/2018

ClownMan + M. Custer + Machine Listener + Lia Kohl / Whitney Johnson

ClownMan. Elastic Arts, Chicago. 2/16/2018

M. Custer. [Cleveland, OH]. Elastic Arts, Chicago. 2/16/2018

Machine Listener. Visuals: Frank Oberle. [Cleveland, OH]. Elastic Arts, Chicago. 2/16/2018

Lia Kohl / Whitney Johnson. Elastic Arts, Chicago. 2/16/2018

Organized and Produced by Daniel Wyche

Carol Genetti / Lia Kohl / Peter Maunu + Julian Kirshner / Matt Murphy / Joe Suihkonen

Carol Genetti / Lia Kohl / Peter Maunu. Elastic Arts, Chicago. 2/23/2018

Julian Kirshner / Matt Murphy / Joe Suihkonen. Elastic Arts, Chicago. 2/23/2018

ADT LP Release~

talsounds / Matchess + Moth Cock + ADT

Moth Cock. [Kent, OH]. The Hideout, Chicago. 2/24/2018

ADT. The Hideout, Chicago. 2/24/2018

Jeremiah Meece + J. S. Alvarez + Cultergeist / M. Levi

Jeremiah Meece. Studio IC, Chicago. 2/24/2018

J. S. Alvarez. Studio IC, Chicago. 2/24/2018

Cultergeist / M. Levi. Studio IC, Chicago. 2/24/2018

The Presage Dinner Series: Night One~
Organized by Emme Williams

Natalie Chami + Whitney Johnson + Emme Williams

Mozart Park Field House, Chicago. 2/28/2018
Sound Collage Workshop Lead by Natalie Chami and Whitney Johnson

I worked with Group 5, which included the Host of Groove Cafe, Mike Sugarman!


January 2018 Uploads: Traxx + Hi-Vis + ADAB + Antenes + Potions + Golden Donna + Alvarez / Billington / Rowe + Sea Tone + FIRE-TOOLZ + Spa Moans + Coupler + Michael Albert

Hot on the Heels~

Traxx. Danny’s, Chicago. 1/2/2018

Neon Falls~


Hi-Vis. [DJ Set] Neon Falls~ Have Known, Chicago. 2018/1/5

ADAB. [DJ Set]. Have Known, Chicago. 1/5/2018

Antenes. [DJ Set]. Have Known, Chicago. 1/5/2018 (private video)

100% Silk. New Incognito Window~


Potions. Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago. 1/13/2018

Golden Donna. Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago. 1/13/2018

Mirrored Series~


Nick Alvarez, Ben Billington, Skyler Rowe. The Empty Bottle, Chicago. 1/20/2018

@ Archer Ballroom 


Sea Tone on tour from Columbus, Ohio. Archer Ballroom, Chicago. 1/27/2018

FIRE-TOOLZ. Archer Ballroom, Chicago. 1/27/2018

Spa Moans. Archer Ballroom, Chicago, 1/27/2018



Coupler. The Owl, Chicago. 1/28/2018

Michael Albert. The Owl, Chicago. 1/28/2018

Week of 12/25/2017: Ulla Straus + Wish Fulfillment + die Reihe + Michael DeMaio + Vehicle Blues

Thursday 12/28/2017 at Heavy Petting was… heavy. Ulla Straus woke our third eyes with a set that was both sick and jazz.

Wish Fulfillment continues to be everything you wished for and more.

die Reihe (Jack Callahan) rolls though Chicago on tour from NY.

Michael DeMaio brings closure to the evening and his stay in Chi by opening with a meditation in bells.

12/28/2017 @ Heavy Petting was organized by Ben Billington, Kyle Drouin. Visuals by Kyle Drouin (kd did).

Vehicle Blues is Gabe Holcombe of Lillerne Tapes. On this new year’s eve, I was mesmerized by Gabe’s sweet vocals and swirly guitar.

kd did again on visuals. Fran, ADT, Luke Shalla, and DJ Potions rang in the New Year along with Gabe @ Yolanda.

I missed most of NYE @ Yolanda though for Terryradio presents NYE with DJs Huerco S (proibito,quiet time,nyc), Pontiac Streator (terryradio,kc), Shortwave (terryradio,chi (live set)), Mintgreen (terryradio,chi), Opheliaxz (terryradio,chi). Organized by McCullough, Kelsey (Opheliaxz) + terryradio crew.

Around 3 a.m. went to check out the scene at Studio IC with Alex White, Cultergeist, Itsï, M. Levi (hybrid), sold, Thoom (hybrid). Organized by M. Levi, Dave Depew. As I arrived, Alex White (White Mystery, Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra) was “flipping the script” with her DJ set! I recorded about an hour of M. Levi before calling it a year.

Moon News: The second of three supermoons (December 3, 2017, January 1, 2018, and January 31, 2018) appeared on the celestial stage on New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1, 2018 (NASA). Observe the full moon on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 to see a super, blood, blue moon (more info below).

Week of 11/13/2017: Mukqs + Gel Set + FIRE-TOOLZ + RXM Reality

A few months ago, I could hardly believe I was reading a message from Laura Callier (Gel Set, Simulation, Athleisure) asking A+E to open the night for her Body Copy record release show at The Empty Bottle on 11/16/2017. Lulu is an absolute babe and total inspiration for me musically. Found out a couple nights prior to the show, I’d be playing solo. It felt great, but the recording leaves me wanting (I’ll send it to you tho if you’re my best friend and you really want to see it)… Mukqs, Gel Set and FIRE-TOOLZ (Interbeing record release show) sounded amazing.

Saturday 11/18/2017 I had to witness RXM Reality go live with some new sounds at Jessie Oleson’s Art Show debut in Chicago at Peanut Gallery.

Moth Cock, VENOMENEMA, Wiggle Room and TCB also played on 11/18/2017 at Heavy Petting and I heard rumors floating of audio recording happening at that show.

Week of 11/6/2017: Ulla Straus + SiP + Pedestrian Deposit + Hilding

Wednesday 11/8/2017 was extra! Low key electronics show at Cafe Mustache set up by Ken Klemaier featured Ulla Straus, SiP (Jim Lacy), Nick Butcher and Kenneth Klemaier.

I missed the last half of the Cafe Mustache show to try to catch Pedestrian Deposit [LA, CA] at The Hideout for the monthly Resonance Series curated by Ben Billington and Sulli Davis.

On Saturday 11/11/2017 Hilding (Tim Nordberg) worked his *magic* for us at Studio IC after setting up all the sound for the evening – you know Tim…


New Camera: ZOOM Q2n

All videos prior to 9/15/2017 were recorded using either an iPhone or a Canon PowerShot. My new cam is a Zoom Q2n.

ZOOM Q2n Video Recorder
photo by Ron McMillan

Favorite features so far:

  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • XY stereo mics onboard
  • Low-light capture

Figuring out the best settings for audio and video on this new camera. Should be an ideal video recorder for live performances. My one concern with this Zoom camera is that it doesn’t have a zoom function, so now I have a real reason to be that person who snakes up front for camera duty.